The Rhythm Method

One of the more unique drummers I’ve worked with over the years has been Rocky Rhythm. He’s best known for his work with The Revillos, but his talent has been put to good use by The Pork Dukes, Dave Vanian, Glen Matlock, Tenpole Tudor, Tomirae Brown, The Roadholders, and far too many others to list here. Recently, we sequestered ourselves at a studio in East London to capture his patented Rhythm Method. The result is a series of fourteen lessons investigating the history of Beat Music, and the the Rock and Roll drumbeat. Each one is based on a song that played a key role in the development of the genre.

While there happened to be two drummers in a room with a drumkit the intent was never to make instructional drum videos, not in the traditional sense. What we produced are lessons on how to make music, play the song, and kick some ass. In other words, be the sort of drummer that everyone wants in their band. Right now we are working furiously behind the scenes to cobble things together. More details asap!